The Daniell 6 Grade Winter Orchestra Concert is coming up quickly and the students are getting ready to perform for you!  The concert is Friday, December 10th and the program will include only the 6th grade orchestra students.  

For this concert, we will be performing in the Daniell Theater at the front of the school building.  

**All students will need to bring their own music stand for the concert.  A simple folding stand of any color is perfect and fits right into their backpack.  Personal cellos/basses may be brought to school for the concert.   

***Students are NOT permitted to stay after school.  They must go home, eat dinner, and then return to school with their families for the concert.

Students should report back to school by 6pm to set up, tune and get ready for the performance.  No student should enter through any door other than the front theater lobby doors.  The back of the school will be locked and students will not be able to get things that have been left during school hours.

The concert will start exactly at 6:30pm and end approximately by 7:00pm.  Please ensure your student is picked up promptly if you are not attending the performance.

Concert uniform is the black performing arts t-shirt, jeans with NO holes, and any kind of closed-toe shoes.  Typically I do require all black attire, however, seeing as the kids have worked so hard and it’s been such a crazy few years, I thought we’d just keep it simple for this concert.
Holiday-themed hats are permitted and encouraged! 🙂

****Don’t forget, cookie dough and poinsettia pick up is occurring THIS FRIDAY any time between 4:30-6:00 in the theater!  Please make arrangements to pick up your goods as we do not have freezer space to store frozen cookie dough. 

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