Honor Orchestra Results!

  • I want to extend the deepest appreciation for all of our students who represented the very best of Daniell and showed what true preparation and dedication looks like.  I’m so very proud of you all!
  • Congrats to violinists Ana C, Aylin O, Jaclyn D, Michelle M, Cristina B, Unis Y and Aniayah T!
  • Congrats to violists Misa M, Julia L, Kyle D, Sophie R, Samantha Y and Megan L!
  • Contrats to cellists Joshua N, Charlotte L, Amani S, Christian P, Sam M and Russell Y!
  • Congrats to bassists Aaron R and Emma G!

Hoodie Orders!

  • Hoodie order forms are going out today and tomorrow!
  • Click here if you need an order form
  • Below is this year’s awesome design!
  • Hoodie Design

Poinsettia Pickup

  • If you still haven’t picked up your Poinsettias, please contact me so that we can set up a good time for you and your student to retrieve your plants.

Chamber Orchestra

  • Rehearsal this week is on Tuesday, 4:30-6:30.  We will be voting to determine the best day to rehearse going forward as Thursday is no longer an option.  Please stay tuned for updates following rehearsal tomorrow.

Eighth Grade

  • Students have been given their LGPE music.  For one of the pieces, we will be using mutes on our strings.  There are several kinds of very inexpensive mutes, so I am including amazon links to what each student needs here for your reference.
  • Please purchase a genuine Tourte mute.  Anything in different brands, colors, shapes or sizes may not give us what we are looking for.  I know every violin shop near Daniell has the right kind of mutes for all instruments.
  • Please DO NOT purchase either of the following styles.  They are not what the students need for this:
  • There is no playing test this weekend for eighth grade.

Seventh Grade

  • Unit 3 exam, which focuses on sharp key patterns and minor scales, is taking place this Monday. Grades will be posted on ParentVUE by Friday of this week.  Students had a list of topics to review from their red books beneath their most recent playing test.
  • This week’s playing test will be #98 Lightly Row to demonstrate mastery of triplet rhythms.

Sixth Grade

  • Concert is THIS WEDNESDAY, Dec 5th at 6:30pm! Please make sure that your student arrives to the Daniell theater at the front of the school no later than 6:15pm to ensure proper time to setup and tune.  No students are allowed in the orchestra room, so all instruments need to be taken home at the end of the day and brought back for the concert.
  • This week’s playing test will be #101 Go Tell Aunt Rhody to demonstrate mastery of G string notes and eighth note rhythms.
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