UPDATE 5.21.18


Here we are at the end of the school year!  I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Daniell Orchestra program.  We couldn’t do what we do here at DMS without your amazing parental support.

*I have been made aware that the Spring Splash concert DVDs are showing the 8th grade Spring Spectacular video.  I have notified my recording artist and he will be creating new ones and delivering ASAP.  I will send out a remind to the kids when they are in and have them labeled with names in the orchestra room.  I apologize for this inconvenience.

-Please don’t return rentals over the summer if at all possible.  Encourage your child to play for you so that we aren’t starting from scratch again in the Fall.  Many students purchase fun Disney or other movie types of books to play out of and keep up their skills over the summer.  I highly recommend the Encore! Orchestra Camp and Athena Girls Camp if you are interested in camps as well.

-All school owned instruments must be returned as soon as possible or a hold will be placed on student records. 

-All personally owned instruments must GO HOME immediately.  I still have violins on our racks that need to be taken home by eighth graders.

Have a great summer!!!!!

Mrs. Newton

Concert Reminder 5.14.18


As per the hot pink handout your students were given last week, we will be having our 7/8 Sinfonia, 7 Phil and 6th grade spring concert at LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL tonight at 7pm!  Here are a few reminders:

  1. Please arrive at Lassiter High School no later than 6:45.
  2. Violins/Violas unpack backstage and take their instruments to designated seating areas.
  3. Cellos/Basses leave instruments backstage until your group performs.
  4. 7/8 Sinfonia will play FIRST at 7pm sharp.  Please sit on stage in your seat as soon as you arrive and start warming up/tuning.
  5. 6th Grade plays SECOND.  They will go onstage as Sinfonia leaves to pack up and return to the student section.
  6. 7 Phil plays LAST.  They will go onstage as 6th grade leaves.
  7. 6th Grade wears all black including orchestra polo, 7/8 grade wears orch uniforms. NO WHITE SOCKS/SHOES!

**CD/DVDs will be available following the concert!  Please see the table in the lobby and have $12 for CDs and $20 for DVDs.  Cash or Check is accepted.

Disney Meeting Tonight 4.26.18

For eighth grade students attending the Disney trip, the mandatory meeting tonight begins at 6:30pm not 6:00.  Please plan to attend with your student information packet that was passed out on Monday in hand.  Behavior contracts that were found on the last page of the packet are to be turned in before or after the meeting.  All overnight field trip permission forms must also be collected tonight.  See you at 6:30!

UPDATE 4.24.18

**LAST CALL FOR CHAMBER/8PHIL SPRING CONCERT CDs or DVDs!!!! Please email me directly at krystal.newton@cobbk12.org if you still wish to order one or more.  All money should be sent in to the black box asap in an envelope.


  • The Disney roster is now final.  If you did not secure a spot on the trip, your payment will be refunded soon.  A form will be sent home with your child tomorrow to confirm the correct address.
  • For those attending, the mandatory information meeting is THIS THURSDAY at 6pm.  Please plan to attend.  There will be very important documents handed out and collected at this meeting.

**6 Grade, 7/8 Sinfonia, and 7 Philharmonic Spring Concert is on MAY 14th at LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL at 7pm.  Please mark your calendars and come out to support the hard work these students have put in over the year.

  • DVDs will be available for $20 and must be purchased at school, not at the concert.  Forms will go out later this week.



UPDATE 3.28.18

This Week:

-Thursday 3/29 is Hoops for Heart in the gym during connections.  Students do not need to bring their instruments to school UNLESS they are in Chamber Orchestra.

***Chamber Orchestra will have rehearsal tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:20.  Seventh graders are dismissed at 6pm.  Eighth graders will rehearse until 6:30.  Seventh graders are of course welcome to stay and observe until our usual dismissal time of 6:30 or they can leave at 6:00.

-T-shirts are starting to arrive.  We are waiting on one more box.  Students will receive their shirts as soon as possible.

-Hoodies take a little longer as they are coming from another manufacturer than the shirts.  They will be given out as soon as they arrive.

-All students who ordered magnets should have their magnets in hand.

Concerts coming up:

-Chamber Orchestra and 8th Grade Philharmonic: April 16th, 7pm at Lassiter HS  (Attire: Concert Uniform)

-7/8 Sinfonia and 6th Grade Orchestra : May 14th, 7pm at Lassiter HS ( Attire: 7/8 Concert Uniform & 6th Grade Concert Black/Polo)

Cobb Honor Orchestra

Parents & Students participating in Cobb County Honor Orchestra TONIGHT:

—–The first rehearsal is TODAY, March 23 from 7:00-9:00pm at McEachern High School.  Registration/check-in will open at 6:30pm.  All students should be in their assigned seat by 6:55pm.


—–Rehearsals begin at 9:00am on Saturday, March 24.  Students must be at McEachern at 8:45am on Saturday, March 24.


—–The concert is at 3:00pm on Saturday, March 24.  Students will receive an Honor Orchestra t-shirt on Saturday to wear for the concert.  Concert attire is Honor Orchestra t-shirt, jeans and closed-toe shoes.


—–Students will need to bring their own instrument, Honor Orchestra music and pencil to all rehearsals.  Cello and Bass players will need to bring rock stops.  Bass players should bring stools if they plan to sit.

UPDATE 3.14.18

-Chamber Orchestra is CANCELLED tomorrow, 3/15 due to the dance and the Capstones presentations.  There is also no chamber next week due to the jamboree.

-6th Grade Jamboree is NEXT WEEK, Thursday March 22.  Sixth graders should have turned in their orange permission forms today.  Please check charms to see if your child turned it in.  If not, please click here: 2018String Jamboree Letter and print so that the student can bring it to me tomorrow.

***Leadership team needs to stay after school to assist with setup and tune the many, many sixth graders.  PLEASE bring a snack, as it’ll be a busy day!  Parents, please plan to pick up your students by 7pm.***

-T-shirts, hoodies and car magnet sales are active!  Please review your child’s handout and have them bring in their order form asap.  Money goes into an envelope and then to the black box, however order forms MUST be turned into the orchestra room’s turn in bin so that I can place the orders as I receive them.  Please do not place the order form into the envelope with your money.  Also, if your child does not bring me the form and it is given to the front office, there is a chance it could be lost and I’ll never see it.  Please have your student bring it to the orchestra room themselves to ensure that your order is placed.  Here is the order form in color for better viewing: 2018 Spring T Order Form

8th Grade Philharmonic & Chamber Orchestra Spring concert is Monday April 16th at Lassiter High School at 7pm.

7/8 Grade Sinfonia, 7th Grade Philharmonic & 6th Grade Spring concert is Monday May 14th at Lassiter High School at 7pm.


UPDATE 2.9.18

Honor Orchestra: Auditions are this Saturday 2/10 at *DODGEN MIDDLE SCHOOL*.  Please use the bus lane entrance, NOT the front entrance as those doors will be locked.  Good luck to all those who are auditioning!!!!

LGPE WEEK IS HERE: All 7/8 grade students were given their blue, purple or yellow (depending on which class) LGPE information sheets and permission forms on February 1st.  Although permission forms should have been turned in by Friday, I will still accept them on Monday.  Please note that students must have the following to board the bus to their LGPE…

  1. Signed permission form on file
  2. Wearing proper Daniell uniform (black pants/long skirt, white button down/maroon blouse, black socks, black dress shoes)
  3. Instrument/Music in hand


-7 Philharmonic (5th period) Monday: Orch room at 11:30 to eat/change, leave Daniell at 12:00, return to Daniell at 3:30 and return to class.

(Warmup at 1:20PM Perform on stage at 2:00PM Sightread at 2:30PM) 

-8 Philharmonic (1st period) Tuesday: Orch room at 11:30 to eat/change, leave Daniell at 12:00, return to Daniell at 5:30. MUST BE PICKED UP PROMPTLY BY PARENT/GUARDIAN.  I will have all students call/text when we pull away from Lassiter.

(Warmup at 3:40PM Perform on stage at 4:20PM Sightread at 4:50PM)

-7/8 Sinfonia (2nd/4th periods) Wendesday: Orch room at 11:30 to eat/change, leave Daniell at 12:00, return to Daniell at 3:00 and return to class.

(Warmup at 12:50PM Perform on stage at 1:30PM Sightread at 2:00PM)


6th Grade String Jamboree: 6th Grade will have their first concert on March 22 in the Daniell Gym.  More details to follow once 7/8 grade LGPE is completed.





UPDATE 1.30.18

Important Updates:

  • Make-Up Cobb County Honor Orchestra auditios will be held at DODGEN MIDDLE SCHOOL (1725 Bill Murdock Rd, Marietta, GA 30062) on Saturday, February 10th.  The same times that were given on the student’s green sheet of paper apply.  Please see Mrs. Newton if you need another time sheet. Parents must enter via the bus ramp and follow the signs to enter at the BACK of the school.  Do not attempt to enter at the front entrance as the doors will be locked.
  • Philharmonic Saturday LGPE Clinic on Feb 10 and Sinfonia after school rehearsal on Feb 7 are CANCELLED.  I am working diligently to reschedule these events, but due to our surprise winter weather and the flu epidemic, things have been a little cramped and I’m not sure it’s going to be possible this year.  Please do not plan to attend either of these events listed on your syllabus.


  • 7th Grade Philharmonic – Monday 2/12 @ 2pm (5th Period)
  • 8th Grade Philharmonic – Tuesday 2/13 @ 4:15pm (1st Period)
  • 7/8 Grade Sinfonia – Wednesday 2/14 @ 1:30pm (2nd & 4th Period)

Parents are welcome to come out and watch our orchestras perform at the above times, but Daniell will be providing transportation to the event via charter bus.

  • I am in desperate need of parent chaperones for each day.  Please let me know if you are able to accompany us to these events by emailing me at krystal.newton@cobbk12.org.  We need parental help for these performances to be possible.  Thank you in advance for your support.

I will be passing out specific details regarding when students will be leaving school via charter bus and returning to Daniell.  7 Phil and 7/8 Sinfonia will return before the end of the school day, but 8 Phil will return to Daniell after 5pm.


6th Grade orchestra will perform their first concert on Thursday March 22nd in the Daniell Gym.  Students will need to go home, eat, and then return to Daniell for rehearsal at 5pm.  Will will be performing our concert for parents starting promptly at 6:30pm.  We will be performing alongside McClesky MS and Palmer MS 6th grade orchestras, so please arrive with time to find parking for the performance.  More details to follow soon via handout in class.



1.18.18 Auditions CANCELLED

In response to our last post, Cobb County Honor Orchestra auditions are CANCELLED for this Saturday due to the weather and ice.  The new date for auditions will be released as soon as possible, but in the mean time please use the additional time for more practice! 🙂

(if you are not auditioning for this group, please disregard this message)

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