UPDATE 9.12.17

Allstate: 7/8 Grade students who wish to sign up for Allstate auditions must have their $20 fee by THURSDAY in order to be registered.  No fees will be accepted after Thursday, 9/14 as the original deadline was 9/12.  Please get these turned into the black box as soon as possible.

7/8 Uniforms: Uniforms will be ordered this week.  If you have not turned in your fee to the black box OR already emailed me regarding the uniform, one will not be ordered for you.  If we have spoken, I have made note.  Uniforms must be worn to all concerts and events for full credit.

7/8 Grade Fall Concert: First reminder that our Fall concert will be held at Lassiter Hall on October 5th at 7pm.  Mr. Thayer from Sprayberry HS Orchestra will be conducting as I will be out on maternity leave. Please mark your calendars and be aware that this date is coming up very quickly. 6th graders are of course invited to attend this concert in the audience to see where they will be at this time next year!

6th Grade Polos/Method Book Fees: Almost every sixth grader has turned in their orchestra polo/book fee!  This is awesome!  I am still missing just a handful, so please get these fees in by Friday in order to receive your polo and your book for class.

6th Grade Instruments: It is no longer acceptable for a sixth grader to be sitting in orchestra class with no violin or viola at this point.  All students are expected to have their instruments daily and will be held accountable for not having one.  We will begin having playing assessments where students are expected to perform a given standard or assignment for me in class and without an instrument, they are unable to do so.  Please make sure your child is getting into the routine of bringing their violin/viola every single day to and from school.  It is never acceptable to leave an instrument in the orchestra room.

**6th Grade Instrument Tuning: As the cold months approach, it is very common for instruments to go out of tune frequently.  It is very normal for the string to become very loose and hang slightly or even fall off without breaking.  This does not mean the instrument is broken and in need of a shop visit.  PLEASE do not attempt to tune it yourself.  If your child plays the cello or bass and it goes out of tune, simply have your child bring the instrument in with them to school and set it behind my desk.  I will tune it at lunch and then they are expected to take it home with them that same day.  If your child plays violin or viola, they will be tuned often in class.  Eventually 6th grade students will be taught to tune on their own, but until then please do not turn the pegs in an attempt to tune it at home to avoid a string snapping.  They are not nearly as forgiving as guitar strings.  If a string does snap, please do not drop it off at a shop!!!!! A new string can be purchased on its own from a shop or online and then brought to me (please stick to Prelude brand or better to avoid future snapping).  I can then replace the string very quickly instead of waiting on a shop to send it somewhere.



Uniform Fee Update 9.1.17

Hello Orchestra Families,

UNIFORM FEES: If you received an email regarding uniform fee deadline, please note that Monday the 4th is a holiday and all fees are actually due on Tuesday, September 5th.  We must have uniform fees in for ALL students to order and receive our uniforms in time for the first concert.  Please check charmsoffice.com to see if your child’s fee has been received.  I update charms as soon as the bookkeeper sends me her fee reports, so if they turned it in today, I will see that reflected on next week’s fee report and update accordingly.

In addition, if your child is a 7/8 grade chorus student as well and marked their envelope with “chorus” instead of “orchestra”, please check with Ms. Madison to confirm that she has gotten your payment.

ALLSTATE REMINDER: If your 7/8 grade child wants to audition for allstate this year, a non-refundable $20 is due in order to register them with the state by September 11th at the very latest.  Please write “allstate orchestra” on the envelope to avoid any confusion with chorus or band allstate.

7/8 GRADE CHARMS GRADED ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Students were given letters to get signed if they have not turned in one or both of our past charms recording assignments.  Grades will also be reflected on the progress reports sent home.  We have our third assignment due this weekend to show mastery of unit 1 from our method books.  Please make sure that students are turning this assignment in.   **No 6th grader is required to turn in any recording assignments until formally asked to do so.  We are not ready to submit playing assignments yet.  Please do not submit recordings unless you see an assignment for your specific class when using the recording studio “assignments” button.

UPDATE 8.27.17

Hello Orchestra Families!

7th and 8th grade students and parents: Charmsoffice.com OR charms blue app for devices is a weekly recording due every Sunday. Students who do not turn them in will see this impacting their grades. Please ensure that your child is turning in their weekly assignments. All assignments are posted in ParentVUE for your convenience so that you can see when one is coming up. These assignments are used to keep track of student progress and make sure that students are mastering their concert music.

8th Grade Spring Trip:
I will send information home with your students this week regarding the initial details and location.  I think everyone will be very excited to see where we are headed this year!!!

7th and 8th grade students must get their signed permission forms and $20 turned in to be registered.  I am unable to register any students who do not turn in their fee.

6th Grade:
Please continue to get class materials such as instruments for your students. Students without violins and violas in class starting this week will begin to fall behind. Please email me directly with any questions or concerns about this.

Method books will be distributed to students on Monday following their Instrument quiz. We will begin learning to read notes and apply them to our instruments this week. Please also remember, ALL violin and viola students need to have a shoulder rest. They can’t learn to properly play their instrument without one.

All $35 fees and signed forms should have been turned in, but if you have not yet, please do so asap.  Charmsoffice.com can tell you what your child still needs to turn in.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Newton

UPDATE 8.21.17


If you are participating in allstate this year, please get your $20 fee in asap so that Mrs. Newton can provide you with the scales and etude and register you for the event.  The deadline is September 15th, but the sooner you get started on learning the etude the better prepared you will be for the audition.

7/8 Grade:

  • Charmsoffice.com or charms blue student app should be being utilized to keep track of practice and for turning in weekly assignments that are due every Sunday.  Please log in by using the school code DaniellMSOrch and then your specific password.
  • All uniform measurements MUST be turned in ASAP.  Money is still due in total by September 4th.

6 Grade:

  • All polo/book money and order forms must be turned in ASAP.  Green form to Mrs. Newton, money into an envelope and then into the black box.
  • Please make sure to get all instruments as soon as possible so that your child may participate in class.  I expect to have all students playing their own violins/violas by Monday at the very latest.
  • Personal cellos/basses only need to come to school to get tuned, looked over and get their finger tapes.  They will then stay at home for practice and only come back for concerts.  You do not need to bring a cello/bass to school daily as you will use one of our in class instruments instead.


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