As per the hot pink handout your students were given last week, we will be having our 7/8 Sinfonia, 7 Phil and 6th grade spring concert at LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL tonight at 7pm!  Here are a few reminders:

  1. Please arrive at Lassiter High School no later than 6:45.
  2. Violins/Violas unpack backstage and take their instruments to designated seating areas.
  3. Cellos/Basses leave instruments backstage until your group performs.
  4. 7/8 Sinfonia will play FIRST at 7pm sharp.  Please sit on stage in your seat as soon as you arrive and start warming up/tuning.
  5. 6th Grade plays SECOND.  They will go onstage as Sinfonia leaves to pack up and return to the student section.
  6. 7 Phil plays LAST.  They will go onstage as 6th grade leaves.
  7. 6th Grade wears all black including orchestra polo, 7/8 grade wears orch uniforms. NO WHITE SOCKS/SHOES!

**CD/DVDs will be available following the concert!  Please see the table in the lobby and have $12 for CDs and $20 for DVDs.  Cash or Check is accepted.

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