Hello Daniell Orchestra Families!

This is a friendly reminder that the Fall orchestra concert for 7th and 8th grade will be held tomorrow (Wednesday 10/6) at Lassiter High School at 7pm!

Who is invited?

Anyone and everyone!  Bring the whole family! 😊 (Lassiter concert hall is HUGE!)

What to wear?

Girls wear their black concert dress, solid black shoes of their choice

Boys tuxedos will HOPEFULLY arrive tomorrow during the school day – they have shipped but there have been shipping delays out of our control. Worst case, if they do not, boys will wear all black with black socks and black shoes.

If you choose to wear a mask, please make sure it is black like our uniform.

What about my cello/bass?

It is the student’s responsibility to bring their own instrument.  I am not able to transport instruments and we are not able to use Lassiter HS equipment per policy.  If you need to borrow a school cello/bass for the night, you are responsible for transporting it to Lassiter and bringing it back to school the following day. 

What’s the schedule?


  1. Arrive at Lassiter high school and park in front of concert hall (BIG building with the pillars)
    1. Enter through the main doors of the concert hall building
    1. Parents go to main theater seating area – students go to backstage area


  • ALL 7th graders should be in their seats, warming up and making sure they are in tune.  High schoolers will be there to assist all needing help.
  • 8th grade violins/violas should unpack and bring their instrument and music with them to sit in the student section area of audience.
  • 8th grade cellos/basses leave cases against the wall backstage – you will not unpack until we switch ensembles.


  • Concert will begin with Beginning 7th grade orchestra and 7th grade Sinfonia.


  • 7th grade will switch places with 8th graders in the audience to watch 8th grade perform
    • 7th grade cello/bass students will quickly pack up their instruments back stage before returning to the student section.
    • All 8th graders will begin to tune and warmup on stage while we get situated


  • 8th Grade will perform


  • Concert end – please ensure that your student is picked up promptly if an adult is not present at the concert with them.
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