Allstate Orchestra

Congratulations to eighth graders Joshua and Christian for passing the second round of allstate auditions! Out of over 90 of the most advanced cello players in the state, Christian earned second chair and Josh earned first chair overall!

Hoodie Orders

The second round of hoodie orders was shipped from the company last week. Hopefully they will arrive today or tomorrow. They will be distributed as soon as they are received.

Playing Tests

The next few playing tests for seventh and sixth grade will occur during class instead of on Charms. This week:

Sixth grade – #110 in class on Thursday, Written vocab quiz on Friday

Seventh grade – #117 in class on Wednesday, Written finger pattern quiz on Friday


Looking ahead, Large Group Performance Evaluation (the orchestra version of the Milestones testing for seventh and eighth grade only) will occur on February 10-11 at Walton high school during the school day. More details will be coming to you soon, including the need for chaperones. If you are interested in chaperoning, please stay tuned for handouts and announcements here on the website.

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