Playing Tests on Charms

  • Students performed their first playing test this weekend. If you see a zero in the gradebook, your student did not turn in their required assignment. Please remember that these tests account for 25% of their grade and without submission, I am unable to offer assistance and insight into techniques that will help them improve. Please facilitate your student’s Charms exams.

LGPE/Playing Test Signatures

  • Students were given a green (8th), blue (7th) or pink/white(6th) detailing their playing test requirements and their LGPE day (7th and 8th only). If Charms is showing that they did not turn it in, they need to return it to me signed asap.

8th Grade Change

  • This week, eighth grade is continuing to focus on mastering shifting pattern 1 before moving on to pattern 2. To facilitate this change, the playing tests will all be moved back a week and they are to turn in Chester this weekend from their packet.
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