7/8 Fall Concert CD/DVD orders

  • Set to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday of this week and will be distributed in class as quickly as possible.  If your child is absent and doesn’t receive it, please remind them to pick it up from me when they return.

Poinsettia Fundraiser!!!

  • Students have been given a hot pink form explaining the details for our annual Poinsettia fundraiser.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year, so please consider purchasing some beautiful plants to support our orchestra program here at Daniell.
  • 8th graders only have the chance to reduce or eliminate their Disney cost by participating in this fundraiser!  Please see pink sheet for details.

Cobb Honor Orchestra

  • Forms and $20 fee are due by Friday at the very latest.  Please turn the blue permission form into the turn in bin and money to the black box as soon as possible.


  • Forms are being collected in the front office now!  Please make sure to turn yours in with the deposit as soon as possible to grab your spot for this year’s Disney Daze!

8th Grade Sprayberry Field Trip

  • Students have been given a green packet with details and a permission form for the annual 8th grade SHS trip!  Even if you are applying for magnet, please consider allowing your child to visit Sprayberry and see what their orchestra program has to offer.  We have a fantastic time every year!

8th Grade Updates

  • Students will have a playing test due this Sunday on #43 in the green book to demonstrate mastery of Detache bowing.  They can retrieve this test at any time from the classroom playing test folders on our student center board OR by clicking the Charms tab on our website for an online copy.
  • Students will have a written exam on Unit 2 (Bowing Lanes, Bow Weight & Bow Speed) this Wednesday.  We will then begin Unit 3 on Thursday.

7th Grade Updates

  • Students are beginning Unit 3 (harmonics, shifting and vibrato).  We will have a playing test due this Sunday on #163 to demonstrate mastery of beginner shifting.  I will post a picture of this book line on the Charms tab, however all students should have their own red book to use for their tests each week.

6th Grade Updates

  • Students will have a playing test due this Sunday on #68, Can-Can.  Students will demonstrate mastery of half notes.  Please encourage your child to perform for you before they record.


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