Poinsettia Fundraiser

  • All forms were due today at the very latest!  If you did not turn in a form today, we were unable to include your totals in our order.
  • Orders will come in sometime during November.  We will arrange pickup after school in the theater and get that info to you all as soon as possible.

Honor Orchestra

  • All student forms have been collected and no more will be added to our audition total.  Times will be released as soon as I receive them from the county.
  • $20 fee is past due and MUST be turned in ASAP if you haven’t already.
  • I will post audition excerpts on our website some time tonight to make sure students have them if they lose their blue paper with the music on it.

8th Grade

  • Nov 1st is the FINAL DAY to turn in any Disney paperwork .  Remember, the trip is first come, first served based on how many forms are turned in to the book keeper.
  • No playing test this weekend!

7th Grade

  • #78 Due on Sunday via Charms…DON’T FORGET HIGH 3’s/EXTENSIONS!!!!!

6th Grade

  • #72 Due on Sunday via Charms to demonstrate mastery of eighth notes, quarter notes and half notes.
  • Written Unit 1 Exam on MONDAY!  Study guide will be posted on our website tonight.
  • The winter concert has been rescheduled to Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30pm in the Daniell Gym due to a conflict at the school on Friday of the same week.
  • Polo shirts are due any time now.  We will hand them out as soon as they arrive,



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