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  • Have been ordered!  Please stay tuned as I’m hoping they arrive before break! 🙂


  • If you are going on the Disney  trip, please text @dmso2019 to 81010 to join the Disney Remind group.
  • Please remember that one of the bullets on the paperwork places significant emphasis on timely payments.  We must pay Disney frequently to keep our tickets and to do that, we have to have your payments on time.
  • Payments can definitely be made online through my payments plus, but make sure you aren’t paying for lunch or another item on the website.  It must be made through the Disney option.
  • Third payment sheets will go out soon.  Please stay tuned for updates.

Eighth Grade

  • Students are beginning to advance in eighth grade.  It is for this reason that I recommend considering an upgrade.  Upgrades can be made by purchasing thicker, silver plated strings vs the thinner student strings such as prelude.
  • For violin, students can move up to Dominant or Tonica strings.
  • For viola, students can move up to Dominant or  Helicore strings.
  • For cello & bass, students can move up to Helicore strings.

Seventh Grade

  • There is no required playing test this weekend, however if a student wishes to compete for chair placement at LGPE, they can turn in the optional audition on Charms by Sunday.  There are solo opportunities available for certain instruments if they are interested.

Sixth Grade

  • Students have a playing test due next weekend on Sunday 12/16 on Minuet #110.
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