8th Grade, 7th grade and Chamber Orchestra will be having their winter concert at LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL on Wednesday 12/19 at 7pm.  Students should plan to arrive no later than 6:45pm at the very latest.  Set up begins at 6pm.


Hoodies will be arriving on Thursday or  Friday.  Please remind your students to come by and pick them up if they do not have my class on Friday as it is a half day.

6th Grade DVDs

The recording artist is bringing me all of the DVDs at the concert this week.  I will distribute them to the students on Thursday and Friday during class.

6th Grade Unit 2 Final Exam & Playing Tests

6th grade will have their written final over unit 2 on Wednesday.  They should be studying their vocab from the blue book.  I will post a brief study guide later this evening on our Charms tab here.

6th grade’s final playing test is in two parts and can be found at at the very bottom.  It is NOT in the book and students must record these both into charms by FRIDAY at 5pm.

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