Greetings orchestra families!

**Did you know that most all music shops in the area, especially violin shops, are providing short term rentals for students who forgot their instruments at school or don’t have one to begin with? If you are in this situation, my advice would be to check with your shop to see about options in the event that you are able to do so.

Week One Assignments DUE!

All Charms assignments found on the CHARMS TAB of this website should be submitted by SUNDAY 3.22.20 for all three grade levels. All feedback and grades will be posted on your charms account, NOT on student view until the county gives us further instruction on entering grades. After Sunday, we will begin our next assignment and no further submissions on Charms will be accepted and the assignment portal will close. (*If you are a person who does not have an instrument at home and are unable to acquire a temporary instrument from a friend or a shop, I’ve likely already heard from you and there is no need to email further if we’ve already connected.)

What do I do if the assignment isn’t showing up on Charms????

Create a recording and title it appropriately yourself. Please name it the title of the piece you are playing, NOT your name. Your name is already attached to your submission. I’ll still see it just the same if you name it yourself.


I am currently in contact with a program called SmartMusic. This company provides a service that would normally be very expensive for a program of our size, however, they have offered this service free of charge until June for schools affected by the closures!

Once I have unlocked our specific program, you will receive an email with instructions. It is IMPERATIVE that you follow the directions before trying to create an account and/or submit anything. This program will provide you with immediate feedback on your playing and tell you what to fix in real-time before submitting anything. It is truly amazing software…and free of charge to you!!!!

Please keep an eye out for my next contact regarding SmartMusic and we will continue pushing forward! Stay healthy! – Mrs. Newton

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