Welcome to digital learning week 2!

This week, we are trying something a little different. While last week focused on playing our music alone, my students know that music theory and literacy is extremely important to my curriculum.

Introducing…TONE SAVVY!

Please click here for a PDF on how to begin these lessons TODAY.

They are not overly difficult, but one should be done for each day of the week, totaling five lessons due by Friday evening. Truly these should not take students very long to complete yet they reinforce critical components of their music literacy that I don’t want them to lose whilst we are out of school.

Can I complete more than one “quiz” per day? ABSOLUTELY! As long as you finish 5 “quizzes” per week, you can definitely get ahead if you feel confident that you understand the given skill.

***ALL students can do these lessons, regardless of instrument statusALL students will be accountable for five weekly lessons each Friday evening by 8pm. 🙂

We will continue using Tone Savvy until we return to a normal school function. Consider it an ongoing assignment.

Next…Introducing SmartMusic!

Go to SmartMusic and use the following codes to register for your grade:

Sixth Grade PYECE-PX7VW

Seventh Grade L7LN3-3Z7EE

Eighth Grade P6CT7-LYGY3

Though smart music CAN be used for evaluation, my goal is for it to be used for practicing the music and not for graded evaluation.

Sixth grade will find all of their pieces (EXCEPT Omicron) while seventh and eighth will only see a very select few…this is because “pop” music generally falls under a different set of copyright laws thus making it unavailable on this free platform.

Using this program, you can slow down, speed up, isolate, listen, use a metronome…SO many options to learn your part and how it fits in with everyone else’s.

What’s the difference between SmartMusic & ToneSavvy?

If you don’t have an instrument at home, please just focus on ToneSavvy. Again, SM is a PRACTICE tool, not an assessment tool at this time. If it isn’t working for you, try using the helpful tools on the website. If that doesn’t work, just keep practicing as you usually do. I trust that you all understand the importance of practicing a little bit each day. However, SM may help some of you tremendously and I think it’s worth a shot for everyone.

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