Disney Trip

Please download and return the fourth Disney payment form below signed. This is the final payment and it is due on Friday, March 8th.


6th Grade

Jamboree is approaching! Please remember to mark your calendars for our concert on Thursday, March 21st in the Daniell Gym. Students will need their own portable music stand in any color, their black orchestra polo, black dress pants, black socks and black shoes. NO white should be worn, including the soles of shoes.

We have started unit 4, which focuses on learning their last string. Students should be able to read and perform on all 4 strings by the end of this unit and should continue to turn in their weekly playing tests on Charms. This week, students should perform #155 the Erie Canal.

8th Grade Sprayberry Auditions

All 8th graders planning to play in Sprayberry’s orchestra should see it on their high school schedule. Mr. Thayer has provided students with their audition materials. If your student intends to simply enter at the 9th grade level, they still need to prepare the Concert Orchestra requirements. It is important that the students demonstrate their skills for him when he auditions them so he knows how to best plan for success next year. If they intend to audition for the Philharmonic or Chamber, they will see their requirements in this packet as well. The packet is listed below for your convenience.

7th/8th Grade Playing Tests

There is no playing test for 7th grade this week as their unit 3 final is being performed in class Wednesday over #143.

There is no playing test for 8th grade this week. I would like for them to focus on their Sprayberry audition packet from Mr. Thayer if they plan on playing at SHS.

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