Disney Student/Parent Meeting on THURSDAY!

  • On Thursday, 4/18 there will be a student and parent meeting in the CAFETERIA (we had to move out of the theater for the day due to other events) for Disney 8th graders.
  • Students will be receiving extremely important information at this meeting, so it is important that they do their best to be there.
  • It will start promptly at 5:30 and end at 6:00 provided we are able to start on time.
  • If your child takes prescription medication, the forms needed on file to bring this with them to Disney will be provided at this meeting.
  • If your child wants to bring over the counter medication and carry it on them, such as advil or claritin, that form will be provided as well. This form is simple and can even be turned in before you leave the meeting if you’d like.
  • If you are unable to attend, please email me and we can discuss details.

6th & 7th Grade Spring Concert

  • On Friday, May 3rd we will have our final concert of the year.
  • Students will be in the theater of Daniell Middle School.
  • It will begin promptly at 7pm, so students should be at Daniell no later than 6:45.
  • Students may NOT stay after school. They need to go home and eat a good dinner before returning.
  • 6th grade plays first, so they should go on stage as soon as they arrive and begin to warm up and tune. 7th grade will be seated in the reserved seating area and supporting sixth grade before switching places with them and performing their program.
  • Sixth grade wears black orchestra polo, black dress pants, black socks and ALL BLACK SHOES (no white soles).
  • Seventh grade wears their official uniform and ALL BLACK SHOES (no white soles)
  • Concert should end around 8pm, depending on how quickly students transition between sets.
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