6th and 7th Grade Spring Concert is THIS FRIDAY!

  • Students must go home and eat a good dinner before returning to Daniell between 6:30-6:45
  • Sixth graders will begin on stage and keep their cases/materials with them at their seats. Seventh grade cello/bass players will put instruments below the stage in the cello/bass “parking lot”. Seventh grade violin/viola players will keep their cases at their seats in the audience.
  • Concert begins at 7pm
  • When sixth grade finishes, they will pack up and sit in the student section. Sixth graders should not leave before the entire concert has ended.
  • Seventh grade will go on stage with their belongings and keep cases between chairs until concert ends.
  • Concert setup will be returned to the orchestra room on Monday, so once seventh grade finishes their last song, they are dismissed.
  • Attire for sixth grade: Black polo, black dress pants, black socks, solid black shoes
  • Attire for seventh grade: Orchestra uniform, solid black shoes

6th Graders are graduating from book one a little early!

Sixth grade has completed all but the final playing test in book one! We are ready to begin instruction in book two, the seventh grade curriculum book. The book is the same as sixth grade only red instead of blue. If students are able to purchase this book now, we can get a head start and have the book ready to go next year. It can be found in any basic music store as well as on amazon here, JUST MAKE SURE TO GET THE CORRECT INSTRUMENT’S BOOK 🙂

Disney Trip

The Disney trip is right around the corner! May 8-11! Please email with any questions or for any medical request forms (even things like advil or claritin need to have paperwork on file!!!!!!)

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