Smart Music

All seventh and eighth graders have performance assignments within smart music. Please see the blog post below this one for additional log in info or a link to the syllabus with log in codes.

Seventh grade should complete 1-18 using PIZZICATO (plucking only!).

Eighth grade should complete 1-16 using ARCO (bow). (the instructions say pizz but that is an error. Please use arco instead)

A few things to remember:

  • TUNE YOUR INSTRUMENT!!!! It hears when you aren’t in tune and will not give you a 100%.
  • Don’t submit until you get a 100%! That’s why we’re starting at the beginning of the book where it should feel easy.
  • If you are getting low scores but you know you’re in tune and playing the correct rhythm and notes, your volume is too loud! It can hear your accompaniment track and it’s thinking that the piano playing is you. Turn down your volume and try again, then see if your score goes up!
  • SUBMISSIONS WILL CLOSE EVERY FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT! Once smart music reaches the deadline, it closes the assignment automatically and I can’t reopen it for you. Use your class time wisely and work towards completing your book lines each week so that we can start to include actual songs soon.

For questions, please email Mr. Roman at [email protected]

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