Sixth grade will begin using this week!  It is also an app on devices called Charms Blue – Student App.  PLEASE look over the instructions below and follow them exactly in order to ensure success.

Charms Instructions

To find an assignment on the app, just click recording studio and look at the very bottom of the screen.  Click on the menu icon and you should be able to find a list of assignments to click on.  To submit, simply save the recording.

All recording assignments are due each Sunday by midnight at the latest.  They are posted one unit at a time, so the earlier they get submitted each week, the better. (You don’t have to wait until Sunday night to record 🙂 )

Seventh grade should plan to record #33 The Muffin Man from the red book.

Eighth graders are playing their unit 1 final exam in class on Friday, but if they are absent or don’t get to perform for any reason, they would need to record WiM from their half sheet that was given in class.

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