• Eighth grade will have their summative unit 1 final exam next week.  Please ensure that your child performs their final playing assessment for the unit on Charms.  It is due on 9/9 and already posted here on our website for them to view.  Playing assessments occur weekly and do not go away.  It is important that all students take great care in planning to turn in their tests on time, every week.  There are no exceptions.
  • Uniforms have been ordered.  Estimated arrival will be between 9/17-10/1.
  • The Fall concert is officially scheduled for October 10th at 7pm at Wheeler High School.  I thank you all for your patience and understanding with the scheduling difficulties this year.  A big shout out goes to Wheeler HS and their orchestra director, Dr. Wasson for agreeing to host us for this event.
  • The Winter concert is officially scheduled for December 19th at 7pm at Lassiter High School.  Please mark your calendars for this event now.
  • Allstate deadline is approaching.  All $25 payments must be made by 9/11 to be registered for the audition.
  • All eighth grade method books that were ordered through the school have been given out.  Seventh grade method books ordered through the school have finally arrived and will be given out promptly on Tuesday.

  • We will begin using our blue Sound Innovations books on Tuesday.  These books will be used daily from now on and are a required part of the orchestra course.
  • If your violin/viola student does not have a shoulder rest, they are losing points daily.  A genuine shoulder rest is required for proper instrument performance.  *I do not recommend the red velvet shoulder rests with gold feet that are purchased online.  These shoulder rests do not provide any support and cause the students discomfort.  Please stick to brands such as KUN, Everest, Muco or brands similar to these.
  • Polo shirt payments must be made this week.  Orders will be placed on Friday.


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