Cookie Dough Fundraiser Deadline!

The cookie dough fundraiser ends THIS WEEK on THURSDAY! Please bring all money and place it in a school envelope on Thursday. Order forms should be placed in the turn in bin, however PLEASE take a picture of it with your phone just in case.

Checks should all be made out to Daniell Middle School.

Uniform Payments!

There are still families who have not paid for their child’s uniform. Your student will be bringing home a pink form that should be stapled shut with a reminder for you. $60 is the total amount.

Please note, we do not get funding from any source for uniforms. We do not get assistance from the school nor the county. Students MUST pay for their uniforms in order to cover the cost to our program. Just as fees for sports programs are required for sign up, orchestra uniforms are a part of our course.

**If you received a pink form in error, please email me. Sometimes the my payments plus doesn’t go through OR your student wasn’t added to my list for whatever reason. It’s an easy fix, but please communicate that to me so that I can fix it promptly for you.

*If you are in chorus AND orchestra, it is the same uniform and you only need ONE.

Chamber Orchestra Rehearsals!

If your 7th or 8th grader received their spiral music book today for chamber, they should plan to begin coming to school early on September 10th! We will rehearse 8-8:50 Tuesday and Thursday. For rehearsal schedule dates, please see the school calendar or the weekly newsletter.


8th Grade Disney forms are being turned in daily! To secure your spot, please get the deposit and fully signed forms in to Mrs. Parr in the front office asap. The later you turn it in, the less likely it is that there will still be open spots.

Playing Tests!

Students will always have a weekly playing test for 7/8 grade unless I make a specific announcement saying otherwise. 6th grade will begin next week and will get their instructions at that time.

Please note that students know their playing test starting every Monday and can also view the entire unit schedule here on our website. Going out of town for the weekend or forgetting their instrument at school does NOT excuse a student from a playing test. They can always turn it in on any day of the week. Without their submission, not only does it effect their grade, but I am unable to provide valuable feedback and monitor their progress. I give them until Sunday to provide extra time, however the earlier the better.

Due Sunday the 8th:

7th Grade : 2 Octave G (violin), C (viola/cello) 1 octave C for bass

8th Grade: #29 Sailor’s Song

6th Grade: Practice #1-7 in your blue book!

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