Hello Orchestra Families,

UNIFORM FEES: If you received an email regarding uniform fee deadline, please note that Monday the 4th is a holiday and all fees are actually due on Tuesday, September 5th.  We must have uniform fees in for ALL students to order and receive our uniforms in time for the first concert.  Please check charmsoffice.com to see if your child’s fee has been received.  I update charms as soon as the bookkeeper sends me her fee reports, so if they turned it in today, I will see that reflected on next week’s fee report and update accordingly.

In addition, if your child is a 7/8 grade chorus student as well and marked their envelope with “chorus” instead of “orchestra”, please check with Ms. Madison to confirm that she has gotten your payment.

ALLSTATE REMINDER: If your 7/8 grade child wants to audition for allstate this year, a non-refundable $20 is due in order to register them with the state by September 11th at the very latest.  Please write “allstate orchestra” on the envelope to avoid any confusion with chorus or band allstate.

7/8 GRADE CHARMS GRADED ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Students were given letters to get signed if they have not turned in one or both of our past charms recording assignments.  Grades will also be reflected on the progress reports sent home.  We have our third assignment due this weekend to show mastery of unit 1 from our method books.  Please make sure that students are turning this assignment in.   **No 6th grader is required to turn in any recording assignments until formally asked to do so.  We are not ready to submit playing assignments yet.  Please do not submit recordings unless you see an assignment for your specific class when using the recording studio “assignments” button.

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