• PARENTS – I’m looking for volunteers to help run the sales table for our concert next Wednesday.  We will be selling CDs, DVDs and merchandise such as t-shirts and magnets before and after the concert.  Please let me know if you are able to help with this event.
  • Fall concert is NEXT WEDNESDAY, 10/10 at 7pm at WHEELER HIGH SCHOOL. Please plan to arrive no later than 6:30 to find ample parking.  The entrance to the theater is in the back of the high school, not the front lobby entrance.
  • Please remember that students do have recording assignments on Charms weekly for both eighth and seventh grade now.  Students always have access to copies of the test in our classroom on the student center board.  Seventh graders should all own the book we’ll be testing out of.  These tests are REQUIRED and not accepted later than their due dates.  All details are posted on ParentVUE, Charmsoffice.com, Charms Blue app, and here on our website daniellorchestra.org/charms.
  • Uniforms will arrive on 10/8 and passed out in class.  Please remind your student to get their uniform from me on the 9th or 10th during class if they are absent on the 8th.  Students must be in full uniform to perform at the Fall concert.

  • Please remind your students to be practicing daily for their weekly playing test that is always due by Sunday at midnight.  It is preferred that they turn these in earlier than Sunday evening to allow ample time for preparation and to let me know if they are having issues with the site.  No late assignments are accepted at Daniell MS.
  • Polos have been ordered!  I will keep you posted as to when to expect their delivery, but no additional polos will be added to the order at this time.
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