Cookie Dough Shipping Delay

As always, we are so grateful for your support of the performing arts program.  It is very important to us that we keep everyone informed on their cookie dough fundraiser orders. 

At this time, due to the shipping crisis taking place globally, as well as shortage of workers and truck drivers, the shipment is delayed.  As of today, they are telling us that we may not receive our order until after Thanksgiving.

We understand that this is frustrating for our parents at Daniell and we ask for your understanding as we navigate this unforeseen circumstance.  We will update everyone as soon as we have any further information.

Poinsettias * PLEASE READ *

Our most popular sale of the year is finally happening!

Before anything else is said, these plants are LOCAL and we have already preordered. They will arrive at Daniell on December 3rd and can be picked up between 4:30-6:00pm that evening. There is no delay on these as they are not crossing state lines or anything of the sort.

Red poinsettia plants are for sale for $15 each and can be purchased using the hot pink form found in our classroom. Some of the forms had a typo and say $10, so please note that the farm prices are a little higher, so we are selling at $15.

You can pay for poinsettias on my payments plus, cash or check made out to Daniell MS.

These poinsettias are beautiful plants and always stunning to look at. They go fast, so please ensure that your student turns in their order form by November 12th! 🙂

Smart Music

All students aside from fourth period have active weekly assignments in smartmusic. Please ensure that your child is completing their work. If you see a zero in the gradebook, it means that they did not complete it by the deadline. Grades are updated once a week as I do have to go back through and re edit. If they turn it in, the zero will be replaced.

***Please note: If it’s too fast, tell your child that they can slow it down. If they aren’t sure how to play it, tell them to practice with the play button and listen/play along with the example. They don’t have to hit record every time. If it’s marking them wrong but they believe it is correct, it is probably out of tune. If it’s very out of tune and they are uncomfortable tuning themselves, have them turn it in anyway because I will listen to it myself regardless and provide feedback. Please don’t allow the child to get so frustrated that they simply don’t turn it in. I would always prefer to see the effort of the child’s best work, even if it is not mastery, versus nothing at all. As I always say, I can’t fix what I can’t hear. 🙂

Sixth Grade T-Shirts Update

The shirts, which were 5-6 weeks delayed due to worker shortages, are out of production! We will hopefully receive these next week and distribute them to the students who have paid as quickly as possible.

Reminder to all Violin & Viola students

Violins and Violas go home every single day. If your child comes home without their instrument, please note that this is not the policy of the Daniell Orchestra. They know that they should be coming by and picking them up every day before they leave. If they check out or check in early or late, they are always able to come in the orch room like normal to get/drop off their instrument. Always take personal instruments home.

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