7/8 Grade Concert is THIS FRIDAY at 7pm at Lassiter High School.  Please plan to arrive around 6:30.  Details regarding further instructions were sent home on a blue paper.

Chamber Orchestra: Tomorrow (Dec. 14) rehearsal from 4:20-6:30.  We will not meet again after that until January 11th.

6 Grade: There is no 6th grade concert until next semester due to my longer than anticipated maternity leave.  We are still working on technique and building our firm foundation so that we can perform a spectacular concert for you during the spring semester.

Hoodies/Magnets: All money and forms are due THIS FRIDAY.  I will be placing the order Friday after school, so no forms/money will be accepted after 7th period ends on Friday.

Uniforms: If your child swapped out a size that was too small or too big, our replacements arrived today in the mail.  I will be getting those distributed to those students during class.

Cold Weater Reminders: During the winter months when the air is cold and dry, stringed instruments tend to go out of tune more frequently.  Cello strings on at home cellos may come loose, especially if they aren’t played on daily.  This is normal.  Your child is welcome to bring in their at home instrument at any time for tuning.

If a string ever breaks on any instrument, please purchase a new string and have them bring it to me to replace.  An instrument doesn’t need the shop for a new string.  In addition, if a bridge happens to fall down, please do not glue it to the instrument.  I can stand it back up and it is normal for it to fall down occasionally.  The only thing a shop needs to fix is broken instruments (cracks, fingerboard falls off etc) or the sound post falling.  If it sounds like there’s something rolling around inside an instrument, check to see if your child’s sound post fell down.  A shop will need to reset it carefully in the correct place.

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