-Chamber Orchestra is CANCELLED tomorrow, 3/15 due to the dance and the Capstones presentations.  There is also no chamber next week due to the jamboree.

-6th Grade Jamboree is NEXT WEEK, Thursday March 22.  Sixth graders should have turned in their orange permission forms today.  Please check charms to see if your child turned it in.  If not, please click here: 2018String Jamboree Letter and print so that the student can bring it to me tomorrow.

***Leadership team needs to stay after school to assist with setup and tune the many, many sixth graders.  PLEASE bring a snack, as it’ll be a busy day!  Parents, please plan to pick up your students by 7pm.***

-T-shirts, hoodies and car magnet sales are active!  Please review your child’s handout and have them bring in their order form asap.  Money goes into an envelope and then to the black box, however order forms MUST be turned into the orchestra room’s turn in bin so that I can place the orders as I receive them.  Please do not place the order form into the envelope with your money.  Also, if your child does not bring me the form and it is given to the front office, there is a chance it could be lost and I’ll never see it.  Please have your student bring it to the orchestra room themselves to ensure that your order is placed.  Here is the order form in color for better viewing: 2018 Spring T Order Form

8th Grade Philharmonic & Chamber Orchestra Spring concert is Monday April 16th at Lassiter High School at 7pm.

7/8 Grade Sinfonia, 7th Grade Philharmonic & 6th Grade Spring concert is Monday May 14th at Lassiter High School at 7pm.


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