All violins and violas should be coming to school AND going home with the students every day. They are provided lockers in the orchestra room to drop them off before homeroom.

Bigger instruments that are needing to be tuned or get finger tapes can be brought by the student to the orchestra room before homeroom and left either on the cello rack or bass rack. Student will then take it with them at the end of the day. Cellos and basses are NOT permitted on the bus, so you will need to be a car rider for at least that day.

**As a reminder, parents are not permitted inside of the school building beyond the front office for both safety and health reasons. Please check in at the front office and do not follow your child back without a member of the office staff guiding you.**

Smart Music!

Due to the unpredictable nature of this school year, ALL students will need to be signed up for smart music. In the event that we end up virtual somehow or if your child is on extended quarantine, I want for them to be able to practice and complete assignments other than written work.

There is a video tutorial on our smart music page, but if you’d prefer a PDF version, click here for details on how to get signed up on the website.

**If your child is quarantined without an instrument at home, they will still be asked to complete smart music assignments by clap & count method**

Signed syllabus!

Signed syllabus is past due! Please ensure your child has turned theirs in asap.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

On Friday we will have our cookie dough fundraiser kickoff! Please be on the look out for those details. 🙂

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