8th Grade & Fifth Period 7th Grade

Seating auditions for class and the Fall concert in October will be due by Friday, August 20th in smart music. All students will need to submit their audition, but only those who choose to try for a leadership position will be seated by score. All other students will be placed in seats alphabetically or as needed. Students will have the option to record these assignments during class on one of two class Chromebooks OR to record them at home on their own computer. *Smart music does NOT work on cellphones!


D Major Scale 1 octave – all

G Major Scale 1 octave – all

Aztec Warrior & Dragon hunter excerpt – fifth period

Dance Scenario & G Force excerpt – 8th grade

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Method Books & Supplies

Students are now being held accountable for having their daily supplies. They’ll need their method book (Sound Innovations), a pencil, a highlighter, and their OWN rosin. Basses and cellos need to have their own rosin every day. Violins and violas must have their instrument and shoulder rest every day.

Violins and Violas go home EVERY DAY

Never leave your instrument at school overnight! Keep it safe with you and practice at home. Lockers will be checked daily for instruments left behind.


Please ensure that your child has returned their signed syllabus page with the uniform order form on the back, filled out completely. If you are also in chorus, you only need to order ONE uniform!!! It doesn’t matter which order form you return as both chorus and orchestra order their uniforms together.

Sixth Grade Beginners!!!

The orchestra welcomes our newest class of sixth graders to the Daniell strings of gold! We are so excited to have you with us.

Your child will be bringing home a syllabus, an instrument selection form and a t-shirt order form. Please make sure that you fill out these forms in their entirety and return them as soon as possible. Instruments should be RENTED from a violin shop as soon as possible. Violins and violas come to school and go home daily, but cellos and basses are kept at home for practice and used for concerts. You are ALWAYS welcome to bring them in for tuning, finger dots etc without prior approval, but please note that you may not bring cellos nor basses on school buses. The bus drivers will not allow them onto the bus with an instrument larger than a violin/viola case.

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