***7th/8th Grade Orchestra***

Welcome back or welcome to Daniell Middle School! While this year will prove to be different from any other year with new struggles, I’m positive we can make the best of it and do amazing things!

Firstly, Mrs. Newton is on maternity leave at the moment with her new baby boy, Landon. While she is away, Mr. Roman ([email protected]) will be filling in as orchestra director. Mrs. Newton will still be checking email, but sparingly.

Here you will find our syllabus.

Please look it over carefully and be sure that you subscribe to this blog (resubscribe if you were last year…it erases everyone from year to year!) AND make sure to sign up for your grade’s Remind class. Codes can be found on the syllabus!


7/8 Grade

6 Grade


Some of you have used Smart Music before, however, step by step instructions can be found on your syllabus. All virtual learning will take place on Smart Music. This software is free to you through the school’s paid subscription!

If you do not have a device that can record sound, please email Mr. Roman as soon as possible so that we can assist.

Here you an find additional info about getting started and using Smart Music https://www.smartmusic.com/parents/


Daniell MS strongly encourages all students to rent their own instruments (do not buy an instrument without first allowing Mrs. Newton to check it over for you to make sure you get the best possible instrument!), however financial situations should never prevent your student from enjoying orchestra class! If you need a school rental please fill out this form. Mr. Roman will be in contact with you shortly to set up your pick up time/location at the school.


Please click here for supply lists by grade and instrument. If you are unable to acquire any of the supplies, please let Mr. Roman know during the first week of school so that we can ensure that you are successful!


Based on the school’s schedule, your child will log on to Smart Music at their assigned class time. There will be book lines assigned from their method book that they would cover in class for them to complete. Smart Music is amazing because it grades immediately and gives students feedback. It has a built in metronome and will even highlight notes for you as you go along to help with reading skills. It can also tap out the rhythms for you, not to mention the accompaniment tracks! Of course, Mr. Roman will be online to assist with any questions, too! By Friday evening, all students will have to have completed 2 pages of their method book. This is the same workload that they would complete in class, minus the concert music.


Don’t panic! Mr. Roman can help! If we are unable to get your instrument in tune virtually, you can always bring it by the school for a quick tune-up. Please ask for help if you need it!

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Newton & Mr. Roman

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