If you are participating in allstate this year, please get your $20 fee in asap so that Mrs. Newton can provide you with the scales and etude and register you for the event.  The deadline is September 15th, but the sooner you get started on learning the etude the better prepared you will be for the audition.

7/8 Grade:

  • or charms blue student app should be being utilized to keep track of practice and for turning in weekly assignments that are due every Sunday.  Please log in by using the school code DaniellMSOrch and then your specific password.
  • All uniform measurements MUST be turned in ASAP.  Money is still due in total by September 4th.

6 Grade:

  • All polo/book money and order forms must be turned in ASAP.  Green form to Mrs. Newton, money into an envelope and then into the black box.
  • Please make sure to get all instruments as soon as possible so that your child may participate in class.  I expect to have all students playing their own violins/violas by Monday at the very latest.
  • Personal cellos/basses only need to come to school to get tuned, looked over and get their finger tapes.  They will then stay at home for practice and only come back for concerts.  You do not need to bring a cello/bass to school daily as you will use one of our in class instruments instead.


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